Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fried Tacos are a Family Tradition

I grew up making a large batch of tacos that would last us at least a month. We browned our hamburger just like everyone else. We drained off the grease and returned it to the frying pan so we could add the taco seasoning. Next comes an ingredient we dont tell people about all the time...refried beans! At the very end we add one can of refried beans to our hamburger over a medium heat until it is mixed evenly. I think the reason is to hold the meat together for frying, but it makes them just as delicious. Then we add a heaping tablespoon to a heated tortilla shell. Fold it into a taco and set aside until we are ready to fry them. We usually make 60 tacos at one time and freeze them in ten packs.

The next step is to fry them in oil until the shells are golden brown. These tacos, minus the beans, are served all over where i come from. Every bar around has a taco tuesday. I moved 30 minutes south and no one has ever heard of them. They are still using the hard Ortega shells that fall apart when you take your first bite. I would love to corrupt everyone down here and get them to add one more fried food to the menu, but that seems doubtful.

I dont know enough about Spanish food to know if this is a traditional food made in their households. All I know is that we learned to make it from our friend who learned from her mother who is of Mexican ancestry. And that we love them! Keep the unfried shells in the fridge for snacks. Just microwave for 30 seconds and add whatever you want! Enjoy!
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